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An incident having occurred in the gallery - . . Page.. 1206 ..

I ran into Mr Walker, the head of the Chief Minister's Department, outside in the corridor and he told me that is not so. He told me that if Ms Follett wants a copy of the papers briefed to her in government last year she only has to ask. He is just out there in that room. If Ms Follett would like to rise, glide over there and go into that room, she can ask him for documents, and I would hazard a guess that they will be available for her to table in this place before the end of this debate, within the next half an hour.

I obviously cannot see what Ms Follett signed off, but I do have access to some of the things that were in the brief to Ms Follett. Since she is very anxious to get that document and to table it in this place, she will not mind if I read from it, will she, Mr Speaker? Ms Follett indicates that she is very happy for me to put on the table the things that the former Government were told about this matter.

Ms Follett: Mr Speaker, I take a point of order. I think it is quite wrong for Mr Humphries to be deliberately providing a false record of my response to his continued baiting of me.

MR SPEAKER: Order! The house will come to order. Ms Follett, I am unable to identify whether it is a false record or not. Mr Humphries has not said anything yet.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I guarantee that this is not a false record. Ms Follett will be able to prove that it is not a false record when she tables these documents very shortly, when she chooses to glide across to the anteroom and collect them.

Ms Follett: Mr Speaker, on the point of order: I think that perhaps both you and Mr Humphries have misinterpreted my previous point of order, which was that Mr Humphries is standing in this place and making assertions about my reaction to his statements which are patently untrue and which I object to. It has nothing to do with whether or not I am seeking the documents or will seek the documents. It is what he is stating on the floor of this Assembly about my behaviour in this Assembly. As you could see yourself if you looked this way, it is completely untrue. If you had time to look this way, as opposed to trying to keep the rabble opposite in order - - -

An incident having occurred in the gallery -

MR SPEAKER: Order! I remind the gallery of standing order 207.

Ms Follett: Remind them too.

MR SPEAKER: Order! I have recognised that this is a somewhat boisterous issue and it obviously will bring forth a good deal of cross-fire. I have endeavoured to keep both sides under control. I will continue to do that.

On your point of order in relation to whether or not Mr Humphries is misleading the house - and that is the kindest word I will use - that is entirely up to you to refute, if you believe so, by participating in this debate, Ms Follett. I am afraid that I am in no position to judge from this chair. Mr Humphries has the floor.

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