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MR SPEAKER: Bicycles as well, Mr Connolly?

MR CONNOLLY: Yes; if Mr Moore was caught up on his bicycle he might want to ride that on the footpath. We may then have some further amendments. Subject to that, we are happy to support this Bill in its later and refined form.

MR MOORE (10.57), in reply: Mr Speaker, this must be one of the easiest bits of legislation that I have managed to get to this stage with so much agreement. Mr Connolly draws attention to the fact that we should start with the traffic lights between here and Reid. They actually have slip lanes. But what he ought to know, especially with Campbell Primary School students here in the Assembly today, is that I drop my two sons and daughter off regularly at Campbell Primary School. So, there are a few extra lights along the way. Perhaps we should extend it in that initial instance to as far as Campbell Primary School.

I think the amendment, as negotiated with the Government, does make a great deal more sense. I originally started with the general blanket view that we should, whenever we see a red light, be allowed to make a left turn. The difficulty with that was the general education of the population. The Minister has assured me that, in the initial instance, starting at those sites where signs are needed, those signs will be put up. It is also part of the education process that a sign will actually appear at a traffic light, as it does in Sydney, and it will say, “Yes; you must stop; but if the traffic is clear you can proceed”. That is much better than people saying, “No; it is all right now; you can do a left turn even though the light is red”. It is very difficult to educate people that it means to stop first as well.

The other factor is that this is clearly a safer way to proceed, because these signs will not be placed at lights where they may be a traffic hazard. I welcome the very receptive response I had from the Minister, Tony De Domenico - he is not here today - and from his department, and look forward to this legislation going through.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill agreed to in principle.

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