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So, I simply do not accept that the flexibility does not exist to make the kinds of changes that might need to be made. But what this does is provide the carefully considered protections which we are all used to seeing for government employees, whether employed in a government department, a statutory authority or a government-owned company. We will, therefore, be supporting this amendment.

MR BERRY (10.41): Mr Speaker, it has just been drawn to my attention that I did not go into detail in relation to policy and procedure issues such as EEO, industrial democracy, OH and S and recruitment. Mr De Domenico said in his speech that they will continue to be implemented and maintained to the high standard and leading role that ACTEW has previously established. Why would you want to change it in relation to the provisions which apply generally? The Public Sector Management Act protects the whole range of these things. There is some extra verbiage which is unnecessary. Of course the OH and S provisions will apply. That is the law in the Territory. So, why put it in there? You are not kidding anybody. Nothing is going to change in relation to it.

Mr De Domenico: You want to take it out, do you?

MR BERRY: You can take it out, if you like. It does not mean anything, because the law will still apply. You talk about its being maintained to the high standard and leading role that ACTEW has previously established. What I say to you is that all of those standards are protected by the Public Sector Management Act. Those are the sorts of management roles which are set out in the Public Sector Management Act, and they are also in law.

Mr De Domenico: They are also in the enterprise agreement.

MR BERRY: The OH and S Act is not an enterprise agreement, so do not give me that stuff. If you want to interject, make sure that you know what you are talking about before you do it.

Mr De Domenico: I do, with a great deal of respect.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Interjections are out of order.

MR BERRY: If you want to talk about OH and S, you are talking to the right bloke. Do not interject unless you know something about it.

MR SPEAKER: “Do not interject at all”, Mr Berry.

MR BERRY: I withdraw that, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you.

MR BERRY: I would not like to be seen to be inviting people to interject. Do not interject at all.

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