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will remain unchanged for the time being. The idea of establishing a ministry to manage policy and planning for the envelope has not been ruled out but will be investigated in more detail later to ensure that, if we do proceed, we will reduce expenditure and not add further layers to the administration of these important services.

An envelope planning process will be implemented immediately - involving agency and bureau managers - to develop the details of the three-year budget strategy. This will enhance our chances of performing our most difficult task - bringing the budgets of education and health into line with national benchmarks. Ministerial responsibilities will not change, and the scope for savings arising from efficiencies created by the new arrangements will be considered by the Government in the context of the budget. I am asking all affected agencies to be modest and sensible in the implementation of name changes, including by using, wherever possible, old stationery supplies. Later this week, the Government will be introducing into the Assembly corresponding amendments to the Supply Bill to reflect the new structures I have announced.

Mr Temporary Deputy Speaker, the changes I have described build on the arrangements I announced shortly after taking government. They will enhance our capacity to deliver reform within the administration, bringing us into line with what has been happening elsewhere in the country for many years now. The bottom line is that from 1 July 1995 we will have a much sharper and streamlined set of Administrative Arrangements. They will give fresh impetus to the vital task of reviewing the way in which the Government provides services to the ACT. They will be an important part of bringing us into line with best practice and in step with the initiatives of governments in all other jurisdictions in the nation. Mr Temporary Deputy Speaker, I table a copy of my statement, including a diagram showing the relationship between Ministers and the new structures I have announced and another describing the ACT Government portfolio groupings. I move:

That the Assembly takes note of the paper.

MS FOLLETT (Leader of the Opposition) (5.00): Mr Speaker, I must admit that I had expected better, even from Mrs Carnell, on such an important matter. I believe that the Government has the right to organise the administration as it thinks best; but the fact of the matter is that what we have here is a reorganisation which is so plainly purely cosmetic and so confused that it is quite impossible to work out how Mrs Carnell can make the claim that this will be better for the Canberra community. Some of the sillier statements that Mrs Carnell has made include her constant carping about the name “ACT Government Service”. Indeed, I remember the debate that we had on that matter last year. I could make a point about her reflecting on a vote of the Assembly, but I will not. I will simply say that, having whinged about it constantly, she has not changed it. Having made the point that she does not believe that it is an appropriate name - - -

Debate interrupted.

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