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Mr Kaine: Yes, it has disintegrated.

MR OSBORNE: Thank you, Trevor. My question is: What is your department doing about the state of this major thoroughfare in and out of the valley, and to whom do I refer all the people who have been contacting my office who need compensation for broken windscreens and paint jobs?

MR DE DOMENICO: I thank Mr Osborne for his question. In answer to the first question, this morning was the last time I drove up and down Drakeford Drive. I say to Mr Osborne that road resealing is undertaken as part of our road maintenance program and that resealing rejuvenates the waterproofing quality of the top surface of the road. In the case of Drakeford Drive, a two-coat seal was applied for a reduction in traffic noise. Firstly, a layer of bitumen is sprayed on the road and then aggregate is spread. This is repeated with smaller stones to fill in the gaps and produce a smooth surface, although not as smooth as with the hot mix. I am advised that between the application of the first and second coats rain fell and affected the resealing process. The problems were further complicated by the opening of the lanes to traffic between the two coats. As you are aware, signs have been placed at the side of the road to warn motorists. Public Works and Services are monitoring the road daily, with the contractor sweeping the loose stones, as appropriate, until more permanent repair work can be carried out. I understand that weather conditions can affect the resealing adhesion process and that it is better to undertake this work in warm or hot weather.

The last part of your question was about to whom people who did windscreens can put in for compensation. Not the Government, I can assure you. When I did a couple of windscreens last year, I asked the same question and was told to go away. One thing I need to say is that any repair work that is going to be done will be done ASAP, in July. You will probably find that the problem will not exist after about a month.

MR OSBORNE: I ask a supplementary question. Minister, the road will be fixed up in a month; is that what you are saying? When will the road be fixed?

MR DE DOMENICO: My department has planned to undertake the temporary repair work during July, and permanent repair work during the spring. It is apparently better to do this sort of work when it is sunnier and the weather is fine. However, given the impact that this is having on Tuggeranong motorists and the representations I have received from you, Mr Osborne, and from Mr Kaine as well, I have asked the department for the permanent repair work to be expedited. This will commence in July. So, they will start the week after next, with a view to having it finished as soon as possible. I also say to members by way of background that the Government will have spent $4.7m on resealing alone in 1994-95. I am advised that hot mix costs approximately three times as much as a two-coat resealing process. The repair work, Mr Osborne, will be undertaken at the contractors’ expense, not at the expense of the people of the ACT.

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