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MR STEFANIAK: Mr Wood, as I think everyone appreciates, we have a very tight financial situation left by your Government. Certainly, in terms of improving things, there may well be a need for some additional funds. I cannot say that they would be hugely significant, but there may well be - and you may be happy to find that - some additional funds. There is the integration program, and there is also the program with the special schools. When one considers those budgets as a whole and when one considers Dr Giorcelli’s report, I would not say that I am quietly confident, but I am certainly hopeful that, in conjunction with the parents and other key stakeholders, we will be able to make significant improvements for 1996. There may well be some additional funds. Unfortunately, because of the mess the Territory is in, they certainly will not be absolutely huge; but at this time I cannot tell you exactly what will be spent, because we are still considering all of that in the budget context.

Wind and Solar Energy

MS HORODNY: My question is directed to the Minister for Business, Employment and Tourism, Mr De Domenico. When will the Government initiate a feasibility study into the economic viability of wind generation and solar thermal generation as promised in their election policies, and which government department will be responsible for this initiative?

MR DE DOMENICO: I thank Ms Horodny for her question. The Government at this stage has not considered implementing that election promise. I can assure Ms Horodny that within the next month or so we will try to make sure that we implement as many as possible of the promises we gave to the community prior to the election. In direct answer to your question, no consideration has been given at this stage to which department will be looking at it. I know that ACTEW, for example, is always looking at ways of improving its technology. I dare say that ACTEW would be very interested in doing it if it were feasible. No feasibility study has been done as yet. If, once the Government considers the issue, it intends to undertake a feasibility study, I will keep the Assembly informed and in particular the member who asked the question.

Community Groups - Government Funding

MR WHITECROSS: Mr Speaker, my question is addressed to Mrs Carnell in her capacity as Chief Minister. My question is in regard to what the Government is doing about the funding of community groups in the ACT. You have repeatedly said that only groups engaged in service delivery will be funded. My question is: What is your definition of “service delivery”, and with whom have you consulted in regard to this new policy direction?

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