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MR HUMPHRIES: Ms McRae shakes her finger, but that has happened. It happened under her colleague Mr Connolly. If she does not like the way it happened, she should have taken it up with him, presumably, back in January. The department has further written to 25 of Canberra's gym operators suggesting that they now face a new regime and giving them the details of what it might be. I would suggest that Ms McRae is being slightly unreasonable if she expects anything beyond that, short of me going to each gym and saying, “Do you understand what the code is all about? Are you going to implement it? Let us see the compliance measures you have taken”.

It is appropriate to allow the process to take its course. That is what is proposed. It was put in place by officers of my department. I am satisfied that they are capable of doing that. I have to say that, of all the areas of government one might have to deal with, the Consumer Affairs Bureau is particularly diligent about the way in which it takes on exercises of this kind. I have not personally gone out and checked each letter that they have sent out or looked into what particular action they have taken to implement the code, because I believe that the Consumer Affairs Bureau is pretty good about following those things through. Talk to Mr Connolly. I am sure he will agree with me that it is a very good area of our Attorney-General's Department. It is very capable of following these issues through fully. If Ms McRae has a specific case where she feels that it has not been done properly, she should come and tell me about it, and I will follow it through; but I would be very surprised if there were such cases.

Acquired Brain Injury Report

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, my question is directed to Mrs Carnell as Minister for Health and Community Care. She may remember that, just prior to her being elected as Chief Minister, she attended the release of a report by the Aged, Disability and Carer Advocacy Service on acquired brain injury. Can the Minister indicate to the Assembly her intentions now with regard to the implementation of that report?

MRS CARNELL: Acquired brain injury and services for people with disabilities, as I have said before in this house, is an issue that really does need to be addressed and one that this Government puts as a priority. There are a number of issues which come about as a result of this report, not the least being appropriate accommodation being made available for people with disabilities - in this case people with disabilities as a result of acquired brain damage as a result of an accident or whatever.

There are a number of proposals currently being looked at in the ACT Government in Health and Community Care. A number of models are being looked at to determine how best to address the issues that were raised in this report. If Mr Moore would like a full briefing on where we are up to with the report, I would be very happy to provide it, as I would to anyone else in this house. They are issues that are being addressed in budget Cabinet at this stage. We see them as real priorities. They are issues that are going to have to be addressed. There are a number of other issues that make addressing

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