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I have asked the department to ensure that a position of that kind is filled, if only on a temporary basis, at the first opportunity. We may find an officer of some other description who can fill that role - possibly someone who has already worked in the courts with such people - as a way of providing this service fairly quickly. I regret the illness in VOCAL that has prevented us from making a quick decision on this; but there will be a Victims of Crime Coordinator, as indicated in the legislation passed last year. Someone will be appointed at the first opportunity.

MR CONNOLLY: My supplementary question takes up this “first opportunity”. Given, as Mr Humphries noted, that the legislation passed by this Assembly required such a coordinator and given that Mr Humphries is apparently unaware that that legislation, by virtue of the six-month commencement clause, entered into force last week, how does Mr Humphries as Attorney-General justify to this Assembly his being, as Attorney, in breach of his law which requires a Victims of Crime Coordinator, which law came into effect last week absent any appointment?

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I think it is extremely regrettable that Mr Connolly should take issue with the fact that arrangements have been made - - -

Mr Connolly: You have done nothing.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, it is quite inaccurate to say that the Government has done nothing. I have been extensively involved in negotiations about that appointment. There would have been an appointment some weeks ago had there not been a difficulty with the illness of an officer within the Victims of Crime Assistance League who, I believe, would have facilitated the arrangement whereby someone in VOCAL would have taken on that position, which Mr Connolly in an interjection indicated would have been the best way of handling that particular appointment. That would have been the best way of handling it. That was not possible, because of those regrettable circumstances. There is a whole gallery of public servants here. I will pluck someone out. You in the third row, I will pluck you out. You can be the Victims of Crime Coordinator. That is not a very sensible way of proceeding, Mr Connolly. We need to find the right person. We will find the right person, and that person will be appointed at the right time.

Canberra Clinical School

MR HIRD: As someone said, it is feeding time at the zoo.

Ms McRae: Are you hungry?

MR HIRD: On that side you obviously are. You are in opposition. My question is addressed to the Minister for Health and Community Care. Can the Minister advise the parliament what the position is with respect to the Canberra Clinical School? What assurance does the Minister have about the continued operation of that school?

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