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I have already indicated the reasons for this addition to the motion. It does, under any view of the matter, strengthen the motion considerably with respect to the question of the Australian Government's view of what we should be doing and our role in helping the Australian Government to reach that conclusion. One may have interpreted some reluctance on the part of the Australian Government to take some of these measures. It is important that we indicate that we believe that it should take these measures, and this amendment provides that the Chief Minister should write to the Prime Minister urging him to do just that. I have seen the amendment to be moved by Mr Berry to my amendment. I am not particularly fazed about it; if he wants to move it, that is fine. I think it makes some of these items optional rather than compulsory, but so be it.

MR BERRY (12.23): Before speaking to Mr Humphries's amendment, Mr Speaker, may I first try a procedural course? Rather than go through the process of moving the amendment, I seek leave to include the words “for example” after the first paragraph of the amendment moved by Mr Humphries. If I do not get leave, I will go on to move it formally in due course; but I seek leave first of all.

Leave granted.

Amendment (Mr Berry’s) agreed to:

Insert the words “, for example” after “Government’s decision by”.

MR BERRY: I thank members; it just saves a little time. The amendment moved by Mr Humphries is curious; but, in principle, none of the things that are proposed are issues that many people would have a problem with. I can see that it is an attempt to pull some Federal Liberal politics into the ACT Assembly and beat the old drum. They have forgotten to take the frigate out of Alexander's bathtub and put it in here, because that one is missing. One thing is a bit curious. A little while ago Mrs Carnell said that it was a good idea to let the Mayor of Versailles have a word or two to say on Australia's behalf and to keep the communication lines open, but this amendment suggests the recalling of Australia's Ambassador to France. That is curious.

In essence, Mr Speaker, this amendment strengthens the position. What it does set out to do is get somebody else to do the work rather than do it ourselves. From Labor's point of view, we want to be seen to be leading rather than following, and I think those of us who support the motion want to take that position as well. We are happy about the support we have been shown for the original motion. I think the amendment will get up on the basis of the numbers in the chamber.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Humphries having accepted Mr Berry's amendment to his amendment, the question now is: That the amendment, as amended, be agreed to.

MR CONNOLLY (12.26): Mr Speaker, if I can briefly enter this debate, there was much chuckling from the Government benches saying, “Will you support this?”, knowing that this is a political stunt based on an amendment moved yesterday in the Federal Parliament. Let us put the challenge back across the table. Yes, the Labor Party in the ACT will say that we are prepared to support this strong action here, if you are

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