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Therefore, you have the information that you wanted. This is relevant to this Supply Bill, not to something else. The information on your left is exactly the same breakdown as has existed in the past. It is this Supply Bill, not something different. The information is there.

MR MOORE (5.47): Mr Speaker, I think that some of the confusion has to do with the fact that it was named “Old programs”. I wanted information at the program level. When I read down the left-hand column, that is the appropriate information that I have been looking for. There are some areas where perhaps it could have been broken down just a little bit further, if we were to compare it to, for example, the 1994-95 Act, as I did yesterday. That makes complying with the first part of Ms Follett's motion fairly easy for you, and I think that that should not cause a particular problem. I have not done a comparison of this particular breakdown with a past Act yet. It may well be that there are a couple of areas where we need to come back to you and say that we need you to break it down a tiny bit further. Clearly, it is possible to do what we need you to do, and it is possible to do it within four weeks without any difficulty. It appears to me, at a glance, to have been done. The second part of the motion is that no transfers of funds occur between programs during the supply period without members of the Assembly being advised. I am certainly inclined to support that. Since you feel that you have already done that, it will not cause you any problem. The second part of the motion is very sensible. Therefore, I think it makes sense for us to support this motion.

Question resolved in the affirmative.


Detail Stage

Remainder of Bill, as amended, as a whole

Debate resumed from 21 June 1995.

MR MOORE (5.49): Mr Speaker, I shall try to contain my speech to an hour and a half! Mr Speaker, the motion that has just gone through has made the message to the Government clear. It is a message that can be taken across to their consideration and preparation of the Appropriation Bill. I would like to thank the Chief Minister for making her staff and Treasury officials available this morning at 9 o'clock. I would like particularly to thank the Treasury officials who were there for an hour. Some members were able to remain for only half-an-hour, but Ms Tucker and I were still there at close to 10 o'clock. The answers that we had from Treasury were particularly useful to us. Mr Speaker, with all that said, I think the message that came through yesterday and today is that none of us intend to block supply. We were quite clear about that yesterday. That was why we passed the Bill through to this stage before adjourning the debate. We look forward to allowing the Government to get on with its budget process.

Remainder of Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

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