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Ms Follett: No, it is not quite what we want.

MRS CARNELL: If it is not what we want, we are going to need a lot more detail. It is exactly what the supply summary did last time.

Ms Follett: No, it is not.

MRS CARNELL: It is. The information is there on the table. It shows how much money has been appropriated for government and non-government schooling, for training, for CIT, for the Treasurer's Advance, for Territory planning, for land and for all of those sorts of areas. It also shows how that reflects in the new Administrative Arrangements. I understood that the Assembly wanted to see how that fitted in with the way that money was actually being appropriated to be used to keep the Government going, to keep salaries paid. There has been no new major policy direction, simply because budget Cabinet has not finished its process. Therefore, there could be no major new initiatives. All that can be happening at the moment and all that is happening at the moment is a valiant attempt to rein back overexpenditure from the past.

MS McRAE (5.42): Mrs Carnell, I will try to explain. I am sorry that I interjected before, but it does seem to me to be obviously and patently clear what the problem is and what it is that you are not able to see. I thank the officials who put together the numbers that add up to the bottom line that I was asking about yesterday. We have $75,760,000 for the new administrative units and programs in the first column, and it matches to $75,760,000 in the column on the right. What does not match up is the subprograms. The substance of this motion talks about the subprograms. We need to understand how the - - -

Mr Moore: They are programs, not subprograms.

MS McRAE: The programs do not match up.

Mr Connolly: We mean programs.

MS McRAE: We mean programs; I am sorry. We will have subprograms, too, if you want to give them to us; but we will stick to programs. We have $2,380,000 and $10,750,000. In the programs we have government coordination and public administration. Where has that gone? Where is the break-up of that? Where are the programs that relate to that? That is now $75,190,000 under the Chief Minister’s Department. It is at that level that it makes no sense any more.

Let us look at the more simplistic one that we all seem to be more cut up about. You are attempting to tell us today that the new administrative units and programs that incorporate education both come to $122,560,000. That is no problem. But all it says is “Department of Education and Training”. It does not say “Government schooling” and “Non-government schooling”.

Mrs Carnell: Yes, it does, on the other side.

MS McRAE: That is the old program.

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