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more certainty for the residents, more certainty for developers - as to how much of the development is going to go where and when it is to occur. That is the sort of certainty that will assist in ensuring confidence in the planning system and confidence that our city will remain a beautiful and environmentally friendly city.

Comment was made on the Land and Planning Appeals Board. I still have doubts and I hope that I can pursue them tomorrow. The doubts in my mind are to do with costs. The Land and Planning Appeals Board was supported in this Assembly because it was a cheap and accessible system. We will be seeking to ensure that it remain a cheap and accessible system that people can use and feel comfortable about using. Mr Speaker, I look forward to asking Mr Humphries tomorrow about more details on this issue of planning. I know that you have had a particular interest in it over the last two or three years and, indeed, carried the Liberal banner through the election on this issue. In overall concept, I am rather pleased with the direction in which planning is going under this Minister; but there are still some issues that no doubt we will discuss at length.

MS TUCKER (4.10): Obviously, we would like to respond to this statement at a later date - and Ms Horodny will adjourn the debate later - but our first impression is that we are surprised that it is so broad again and that it is another attempt to develop something, a strategic plan, in the future. I have concerns about what appears to be happening at centres such as Manuka. We need to look very carefully at the effect an extension of Woolworths at Manuka would have not only on Kingston shops but also on smaller shops in Manuka.

The question of local area planning advisory committees is particularly interesting. I am concerned about dual occupancies not being included in the matters referred to them for opinion. I am also concerned that there is very little process. Maybe that will come and the details will come. I cannot see any mention of resourcing for these groups. I would not like to be one of the people who are nominated to represent the community.

Mr Humphries: They will be resourced.

MS TUCKER: They will be resourced. The only way you get effective participation and decision-making is by making information available to the whole area that is affected. For that to happen you have to have the ability to take the time and the expense to inform people about the issues. If you just ask people to make a comment from the information they have before there has been real information dissemination, you are not necessarily going to get an enlightened decision at all. It is going to be very difficult for the people who decide to take on those positions. They are going to have to put up with all the flak of the community, which still feels basically alienated from the process. We look forward to seeing more detail and hope that it comes soon.

Debate (on motion by Ms Horodny) adjourned.

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