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The expectation is that we will provide the framework in which to encourage people to respect the law. That is the basis on which the Government has made decisions about, for example, advising the members of the fitness club industry as to what their obligations are and how they should best fulfil them. We will be working with people in that industry to ensure that they understand their obligations and we will, I hope, be ironing out any problems that they might encounter in the implementation of that code from 1 July.

I should say, Mr Speaker, that I think there is a relationship of dialogue here between the Consumer Affairs Bureau and those that it serves which is very good, as I said on Tuesday. I am confident that the Consumer Affairs Bureau will pick up any problems that may occur with that code before 1 July. Ms McRae is obviously predicting some sort of problem. I would be grateful if she would come to me and tell me what she sees as problems, so that we can head them off at the pass rather than be surprised about them on the next occasion. If she is not prepared to do that, I will ask officers of the Consumer Affairs Bureau to be diligent in assessing for me the likelihood of the code doing its job. I am confident that they are aware of the need to develop a strategy in this area which will be reasonably effective, and I believe that they have done that to date.

Safe Schools Task Force

MS TUCKER: Mr Speaker, my question is to Mr Stefaniak, the Minister for Education and Training. Could the Minister please tell us what stage the safe schools task force is at? Who is on this task force and what are its aims?

MR STEFANIAK: I thank the member for the question. The safe schools task force is operating. It has been revamped. It has gone down from 17 to, I think, nine. I recently indicated that a P and C representative should continue on it, and I also indicated that the union, representing the professional interests of teachers, should continue on it. That takes it to 11. It has changed in that I have placed a different representative on it, namely, a representative experienced in the area from the Australian Federal Police. The task force has been streamlined and revamped and will continue. As you probably appreciate, Ms Tucker, it is a very important task force and it has done a lot of work in terms of violence in schools. No doubt it will continue to do so. I look forward to its report. I want it to be focused in relation to the issues. I think the revamping of the task force will assist that focus in terms of coming up with an appropriate strategy to deal with the problem of bullying in schools.

MS TUCKER: I have a supplementary question. Could the Minister tell me what the timeframe is for this work?

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Speaker, I will provide Ms Tucker with a list of members of the task force and also the timeframe. I do not have those with me at present, but I undertake to provide them to her in the next few days.

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