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MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, yesterday I answered a question about the application for development at Manuka which Mr Wood might not have heard. I am not sure whether he was here in the chamber at the time; but I did take a question about that from, I think, Ms Horodny yesterday. I have not seen the document. I do not usually approve individual tender documents or expressions of interest documents before they go out. I am not quite sure what Mr Wood's concern is. I will take the question on notice and ensure that I get back to him with the answers to the questions he has asked.

MR WOOD: I ask a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. I applaud the decision to go ahead. It was one that I was working on when I was Minister and it is something that is going to happen. Mr Humphries, in your response, will you ensure that all those who would seek to tender have equal advantage, depending on where they come from? To be specific, will you ensure that Woolworths does not get a jump ahead of the others simply because it is there?

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I did touch on this yesterday; but I will indicate, for Mr Wood's benefit, that I have heard a concern or concerns expressed about the way in which that document has been framed. I am advised that the department is reviewing the expressions call because of the perception, at least, that the document is not precise enough in what it seeks to do. I have asked for advice on that. If that advice indicates, as Mr Wood suggests, that the document is not precise enough, it should be reissued and the process commenced again. If it indicates that the document is sufficiently precise we will allow it to continue, unless there is some other problem.

Department of Public Administration - Industrial Action

MR HIRD: Mr Speaker, I would like to address a question to Mr De Domenico on something that I am very concerned about. What is the Government's response to - - -

Ms Follett: He just wrote it out for you, did he?

MR HIRD: I beg your pardon?


MR HIRD: Do you see that? I wrote that out. I am not like you people. Do not judge everyone by yourself, Leader of the Opposition.

Mr Berry: Dorothy does not wear a grey suit.

MR HIRD: Never mind about Dorothy. You would know all about that.

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