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We are opposed to this. It ought to be going to the Planning Committee. I happen to be on that committee, and I would find the subject of much interest. If the Government is still firm in its view that it ought to go off to a committee where people are interested in it, send it off to the committee I am on. I would be very happy to be involved in an inquiry on this matter. Mind you, they might be taking the view that you should not send it to a committee where the chair is uninterested in it, all of a sudden. The Government may well be right in that Mr Moore is now uninterested in it, so it ought not to go to him. Certainly, from my point of view, it is an inquiry that I would find most interesting, and I think this is a flick pass, perhaps even a hospital pass. Labor will be supporting Ms Follett's amendment.

Amendment (Mr Moore’s to Ms Follett’s) agreed to.

Amendment (Ms Follett’s), as amended, agreed to.

Motion, as amended, agreed to.


Report on Draft Variation to the Territory Plan - Yowani Golf Club

Debate resumed from 30 May 1995, on motion by Mr Moore:

That the report be noted.

MR HUMPHRIES (Attorney-General and Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning) (11.48): Mr Speaker, yesterday I tabled the Government response to the report of the Standing Committee on Planning and Environment. I would be interested in hearing what other members have to say about that. I hope that that will permit the variation to proceed today in the Assembly and for processes to take place as a result of that.

MR MOORE (11.49), in reply: Mr Speaker, I want to make members aware that, if I stand to speak to this matter now, I believe that I will be closing the debate.

MR SPEAKER: That is correct.

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, yesterday, when Mr Humphries tabled his response, I made a number of comments, and they remain. However, I have had a better chance to read through the comments made by Mr Humphries, and I think that the answers that Mr Humphries provided in relation to improvements to be made to the Ellenborough Street and Barton Highway intersection are particularly equivocal. They recognise that approval by the NCPA is needed, but I think it is important for Mr Humphries to understand that the Planning and Environment Committee was particularly keen to ensure that the movement of traffic in and out of Kaleen and Giralang was facilitated as part of that proposed development. I do not think it would be within the spirit of that committee report to proceed with the development and allow a bank-up of traffic that could easily be relieved by that process at the Ellenborough Street and Barton Highway intersection.

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