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AUDIT ACT 1989 . . Page.. 1037 ..





Treasurer’s Advance

For expenditure for the purposes of the Territory in accordance with section 47 of the Audit Act 1989 (including advances to be recovered in the financial year) 

12 000 000

Total:Advance to the Minister administering the Audit Act 1989

12 000 000

Amendment No. 3 replaces the previous Schedule to the Bill. The new Schedule reflects the new Administrative Arrangements Order. The amendment does not affect the purpose of the Bill, or the aggregate total to be appropriated for the purposes of supply. The changes have resulted predominantly from the revised Administrative Arrangements Order announced yesterday. The changes have resulted in the amalgamation of a number of administrative units and the restructuring of other services. Details are outlined in the supplementary explanatory memorandum to the amendment.

MS FOLLETT (Leader of the Opposition) (4.39): I am utterly appalled by Mrs Carnell's approach to this matter. The fact is, Mr Speaker, that the amendments that Mrs Carnell is moving effectively replace the Bill which she introduced. Were the Assembly to require her to withdraw that Bill and introduce a new Bill, I think that would be entirely understandable. I think it is a sign of her own party's embarrassment about this whole matter that so far the debate has been conducted with only Mrs Carnell present, although she now is joined by Mr De Domenico. She has not had a single one of her Ministers or her back bench to support her in this matter, and you can hardly blame them.

Mr Speaker, we are dealing here with $658m of Canberrans’ money. This is not a minor matter. Mrs Carnell said, “You do not report expenditure against supply”. Mrs Carnell must recall the many and very vigorous debates that we have always had in this Assembly over supply Bills - questioning as to how money had been allocated, and how pro rata amounts had been made up. Where there was a full year's amount appropriated, that was under scrutiny as well. The purpose of bringing the Bill forward to the Assembly, Mrs Carnell, is so that we can scrutinise it. What you have done is one of the greatest disservices ever seen in this Assembly, which is to give us something we cannot scrutinise, because there is simply no level of detail available that would enable that scrutiny to occur. You must understand that.

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