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Mr Humphries: On the point of order, Mr Speaker: It has been traditional - in case Ms Follett has forgotten in the three months since she left office - for Ministers to indicate the background to matters on which they have been asked questions. Her Government did it; she herself did it; every one of her Ministers did it. If she wants to change the rules, I think that she should do so while she is in government, not while she is in opposition.

MR SPEAKER: On the point of order, may I say that Mr De Domenico is certainly outlining various projects; but I am yet to hear him conclude his comments, and the conclusion may very well relate to the supplementary question that Ms McRae asked.

MR DE DOMENICO: Mr Speaker, I am quite happy to continue with the projects, because that is what Ms McRae asked as well. Her question related to the - - -

Ms Follett: No, it did not.

MR DE DOMENICO: With respect, it did.

Mr Berry: To assist the Government, Mr Speaker, it might be just as well if Mr De Domenico gave us a copy of the list that he has in front of him and just answered Ms McRae's question about whether or not they will enter into contracts. It would be much easier that way, and we would all be happy.

MR DE DOMENICO: Mr Speaker, whilst the Government will continue to develop all those capital works projects that were commenced by the previous Government, that had already been started - they are the ones that I am telling you about - we will obviously not be signing any new major contracts until that committee has had a chance to see the program.

Mr Berry: Can we have a copy of the list?

MR DE DOMENICO: You can have a copy of the list. It is your list, basically.

Government Service - Office Accommodation at Dickson

MR CONNOLLY: My question is to Mr De Domenico as Minister for Urban Services. Given that the Department of the Environment, Land and Planning has now been abolished - and we heard Mrs Carnell speak at length about how great efficiencies will be achieved by transferring large slabs of that into the Department of Urban Services - do you intend to proceed with the building in Dickson which was specifically earmarked as a purpose-built headquarters for that department now abolished?

MR DE DOMENICO: The answer to that question, Mr Speaker, is yes.

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