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Mr Berry: Corporatise ACTEW.

MR DE DOMENICO: Thank you, Mr Berry. Yes, the Assembly did corporatise ACTEW last night, and what a wise decision it was by the majority of members of this Assembly. Thank you for the interjection.

Thank you, Ms Horodny, for your question. You would be aware that organisations, such as ACTEW, that are very highly energy efficient have already done things. For instance, they opened the three houses at Nicholls. I think Ms Tucker was there when that happened. It was an initiative of the previous Government, might I say; but it will be continued under this Government. ACTEW has done work on the use of grey water and recycled effluent water at Southwell Park. It is not only doing that in the ACT, but also looking at exporting it to Indonesia and other places overseas. I assure you, Ms Horodny, that this Government has already commenced and finished a lot of its election promises in only 100 days since coming to power. It must hurt you, Mr Connolly, to realise that, in the 100 days that this Government has been in power, it has done more than any other government in the history of self-government to make sure that its election promises are realised. We will continue to do that, Ms Horodny. Along with the Greens, the Liberal Party and other members of the Assembly also have concern for the environment, and you can be assured that under this Government that concern will be justified.

MS HORODNY: I would like to ask a supplementary question. Does the Government intend to fund these initiatives through a portion of ACTEW profits to be allocated to these and other initiatives?

MR DE DOMENICO: I thank Ms Horodny for her supplementary question. The Government's decisions re funding will be made at a budget and Cabinet level, and the Assembly will be informed after we make up our minds.

Revised Administrative Arrangements

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, my question is also to Mrs Carnell in her capacity as Chief Minister. It relates to the revised Administrative Arrangements. Mrs Carnell claimed that she had “moved quickly to create Administrative Arrangements that minimised duplication and overlap”. The former single Department of the Environment, Land and Planning has now been broken up into just three parts, with each of those parts still reporting to the original Minister, Mr Humphries; but three different bureaucratic heads now report to Mr Humphries on areas previously covered by one senior bureaucrat. How can these changes in any way improve administrative arrangements? They are simply more complex.

MRS CARNELL: I am somewhat bemused, I must admit, by Mr Wood's comment. As far as I know - and, certainly, I do know about the Administrative Arrangements changes - what happened to DELP was that environment and land moved into Urban Services under Mr De Domenico and planning has become, as you know, an arm’s length, independent operation under Mr Humphries. That is two, not three,

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