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asked for and which you have repeatedly promised to give on 1 June - the precise breakdown of the numbers of moves and a financial reconciliation of those moves showing the dollar value of the pre-existing contracts compared to the dollar value of the new contracts - you persistently refuse to give. On that, in your answer today, you have said that you will remain silent. Will that information be given to this chamber?

MRS CARNELL: That information will be given to the Public Accounts Committee, because that is the appropriate place for information that could be regarded as commercial-in-confidence. What the Public Accounts Committee may choose to do with that information is, obviously, up to the Public Accounts Committee; but this is the appropriate way to go, and, Mr Connolly, you know that to be the case. What we are saying here is that we have achieved savings in excess of $2m - you achieved absolutely nothing - which is double what you put on the table to Samuels last year. I think you just cannot handle the fact that we succeeded where you failed.

Multiunit Developments - Kingston

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, my question is to Mr Humphries, the Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning. I gave Mr Humphries a couple of hours’ notice that I would be asking a question along these lines. I begin, Mr Speaker, by referring to a letter that, in fact, you wrote on behalf of the Liberal Party, as the then spokesman on planning. It said:

Accordingly, a Liberal Government would include those parts of Kingston and Narrabundah as identified on the above map but not identified in the text of Page XXII of Attachment C -

in the Lansdown report -

as areas of Special Territorial Significance along with identified major parts of the named suburbs.

The significance of that was the protection of certain parts of Kingston. I understand, Mr Humphries, that two multiunit developments have been approved in Kingston - on the Kingston ladies bowling green site and the Kingston Gigmanity art gallery site. Why have you gone ahead with these developments after that commitment made by the Liberal Party on 15 February 1995?

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, Mr Moore accuses the Government of breaking an election promise.

Mr Moore: I just asked a question, actually.

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