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It is very interesting to note that this is only a fraction of the $14m that Mr Connolly put into the budget last year, for not one extra admission, not one extra public hospital bed, not one extra patient in the system. It is interesting to note that where these consultants, Booz Allen and Hamilton, have worked before they have received paybacks of eight times the initial fee paid - not just in one year, but every year.

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, I think I heard Mrs Carnell say that the consultancy would have a further stage to it, beyond the nine weeks.

Mrs Carnell: Yes.

MR BERRY: Will you now admit to the Assembly that you misled the Assembly by saying that it was only nine weeks?

MRS CARNELL: I think that I have said this quite a lot of times. There is a stage 2 to the consultancy, all of which is in the briefing papers. All of this information is there and it was available yesterday, absolutely.

Mr Berry: So, it is more than $330,000.

MRS CARNELL: There is a stage 2 of the process. Stage 2 will go for six to nine months and will be the implementation phase of the diagnostic phase. This time this is not some report that will be on the shelf to gather dust. This is about implementation of the essential reforms that are required in Health. This is about taking it from the diagnostic phase into making Health work. Where this consultant has worked in the past they have achieved returns on that investment, paybacks, of eight times that initial fee paid, and, as I said before, eight times not for one year, but every year. If we spent $1m we would get back $8m, going on the 16 teaching hospital experiences that these people have had. All that information is in the information that has gone out to all the staff in the health system, all the journalists, all the people who attended the briefing session.

Ms Follett: Not us.

MRS CARNELL: That is because you did not go to the briefing session.

ACTEW - Corporatisation

MS HORODNY: Mr Speaker, I direct this question to the Minister for Urban Services. In light of the statements made this morning showing the Government's strong support for corporatisation and the fact that a Bill for the corporatisation of ACTEW will be tabled tomorrow, has the Government done extensive independent financial, social and environmental analysis of the costs and benefits, comparing existing and proposed structures for ACTEW, in the preparation for corporatisation? If so, what is the nature of this analysis, and will the Government table this analysis for public scrutiny?

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