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Mr Speaker, it is clear that we need to be proactive in dealing with the transport needs of this community. This can be done through a range of measures such as the provision of commuter car parking in local areas, limits on car parking in other areas, and proper allocation of space for public transport. However, as Kerrie and I have made clear on a number of occasions, we believe that it is the responsibility of the members of this Assembly to help facilitate community debate. The provision of an efficient public transport system for both the current and future needs of the community is an issue that is too important to leave for the Executive alone. It is vital that this Assembly and the community get an opportunity to debate fully any proposals to alter the fundamental conditions under which our public transport system operates, and this motion seeks to do just that.

MR DE DOMENICO (Minister for Urban Services) (11.37): Mr Speaker, I appreciate the intention behind the motion put forward by Ms Horodny this morning, but I wonder whether she has had a good look at what she is saying.

Mr Berry: She sure has.

MR DE DOMENICO: I am glad that Mr Berry tells me that Ms Horodny has; obviously, Mr Berry knows more about the motion than Ms Horodny does. I can understand that too. I wonder whether Ms Horodny has realised what the motion is saying. I have just signed off a letter to a lady in Hall, who was concerned about the lack of ACTION services into Hall. When she was told that there was another bus company called Transborder that provides services between Yass and Canberra and stops at Hall, she was delighted that she could have that service because she did not know of it before.

One wonders whether the Government will have to come to this Assembly before giving the okay to increase services in those outlying areas you were talking about, instead of doing it straightaway. That is the way I read this motion. I am telling you that because the Transborder Yass-Canberra service, for example, that stops in Hall operates one daytime service from Canberra, an evening service from Canberra, and several services on weekends and public holidays. So, here we have another bus company besides ACTION providing a service to the Canberra community and, the way I read your motion, we cannot do that until we come and discuss it in the Assembly first. I hope that that is not what the motion says that we have to do.

This Government is here because the Greens, Mr Moore and Mr Osborne voted for Mrs Carnell as Chief Minister, knowing that this Government's policy for the past three, four, five or six years has been to corporatise ACTION. Before we can do that, as with the ACTEW situation, we have to come before this Assembly and present legislation. This Assembly, as always before any major thing is done by any government of any political persuasion, is the ultimate test for any Government policy. Of course the Government will come before the Assembly with the legislative changes we need to have before we can corporatise any government instrumentality.

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