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was a very good chance of the ACT being able to make a significant amount of money out of this, we would be in it like a shot. We are concerned to ensure that proper procedures are followed and that the Government does not blindly rush in. As I indicated to you, I am having further discussions and the Government is having further discussions. The Chief Minister and I will be talking to other members involved in the - - -

Ms Follett: Like the Stock Exchange?

MR STEFANIAK: Not the Stock Exchange, Ms Follett. We will be talking to other members of the racing fraternity in relation to this matter and other matters shortly. As I said, Ms McRae, if the right checks and balances can be put in, if there really is a good chance of this running properly and of the Government being able to make some money out of it, of course we will proceed. But, on the figures that were available to us at the time we took that decision several weeks ago, it simply was not the case, and no-one could indicate to us that it really was as viable a concern as it seemed to be last year.

Mrs Carnell: I ask that all further questions be put on the notice paper.


MS FOLLETT (Leader of the Opposition): Mr Speaker, I ask for leave to make a personal explanation under standing order 46.

MR SPEAKER: Yes; proceed.

MS FOLLETT: Mr Speaker, during question time, Mr Stefaniak said - totally inaccurately, but, my guess is, without malice - that the previous Government had done nothing about the reconstruction of Flynn school following its damage by fire late last year. I have before me here three media releases, which were put out late last year and early this year, concerning the Flynn Primary School. Mr Speaker, the first of - - -

Mr Kaine: Mr Speaker, I take a point of order. Is this a point of order or is it a justification of something that the former Government did or did not do?

MR SPEAKER: I think Ms Follett is leading up to a personal explanation by referring to these documents, which she will probably seek leave to table.

MS FOLLETT: I will indeed, and it is my understanding that I have leave to do so.

MR SPEAKER: You will have to ask for leave.

MS FOLLETT: Mr Speaker, I asked for leave to make the explanation.

MR SPEAKER: You asked for leave to make a personal explanation. That is correct. But, if you want to table the documents, you will have to get leave for that.

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