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Mr Berry: If I may address the point of order further, Mr Speaker, I am quite happy for Mr Kaine to have two or three or four questions, and I was pleased to see him rise to his feet and ask a further question. All I ask of the Liberals is that they give us the same opportunity.

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, on that same point of order, I should make one point about it. I as Whip in the previous Assembly kept records of questions taken by the previous Chief Minister, and I can assure the house that there were many occasions - if you like, I will bring the evidence down for the adjournment debate - when members who were not members of the Opposition received more questions than did members of the Opposition. It occurred on many occasions that more Government members got second questions than did members of the Opposition.

Mr Berry: Mr Humphries, if you cannot prove that members of the Opposition got two questions, will you resign? No fear, because you cannot.

MR SPEAKER: There is no point of order.

Mr Connolly: Further to the point of order and the research that is being done into question time: Someone may research how often the former Government shut question time down before 3 o'clock, as has happened today.

MR SPEAKER: A number of issues have arisen, but before I deal with them I call Mr Osborne.

Mr Osborne: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Under standing order 113A, I seek leave to ask a question. I apologise for being so slow to rise, but I have a bung knee.

MR SPEAKER: I uphold Mr Osborne's point of order under standing order 113A. Members may like to read it. Please continue, Mr Osborne. You are allowed to sit if you so wish.

Primary Schools - Bullying

MR OSBORNE: Perhaps Mr Berry should listen to this question. My question is addressed to the Minister for Education, Mr Stefaniak. Recently the Richardson Primary School won an Australian violence protection award for its efforts to stamp out school bullying. This was a recognition of the program that the school has introduced over the past two years, including peer support groups, class activities and discussions on - I hope that you are listening, Wayne - bullying, verbal abuse, and sexist and racist language, although I am not implying that Wayne uses that - - -

Ms Follett: Mr Speaker, I take a point of order. I know that Mr Osborne may have meant that in a jocular fashion; but it is a clear reflection on my colleague Mr Berry, and I ask that that imputation be withdrawn.

MR OSBORNE: I withdraw that, Mr Speaker.

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