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This is an extremely regrettable incident which highlights the need for everybody to be much more careful and to know exactly what they are doing with syringes. It is very important that children are aware of what syringes look like and just how dangerous they are. I take this opportunity to highlight the need for the public to be careful about handling improperly disposed of syringes and to make sure that children know exactly what they look like; that they are not toys. We certainly are pleading with the few, and I say “few”, irresponsible injecting drug users to take care when they dispose of their syringes.

Belconnen Swimming Facility

MR BERRY: My question is directed to Mr Stefaniak in his capacity as Minister for Sport and Recreation. I note that the Liberals are not limited by their imagination when it comes to speculation about new jobs. I wonder whether that same problem has occurred in relation to construction costs in the ACT. I have not seen any evidence of a massive drop in construction costs, but Mr Stefaniak has committed the Government to a swimming facility in Belconnen equal to or better than the Tuggeranong facility. He says that he will be able to do that for $3.5m. We know that the Tuggeranong pool cost in excess of $10m on a tender basis. I ask the Minister: Does he concede that he has misled the people of Belconnen, either on the basis of the provision of a facility equal to or better than the Tuggeranong facility or on the cost?

MR STEFANIAK: The short answer to that is no. Mr Berry continues to display his total ignorance in matters of finance. Mr Berry, I have been told that we could build a similar facility for $3.5m.

Mr Berry: Equal to or better, you said.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Berry, if a facility equal to or better than the one at Tuggeranong could be built for less than $10m, we would be a very stupid government if we did not do that. I was approached late last year by a developer who is building pools for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and who reckons that he could do it for about $3.5m. I hope that he is right. If he is, that would be - - -

Mr Berry: What - a 2½-lane pool or a - - -

MR STEFANIAK: No, Wayne; it is quite a good pool. If that is the case, obviously that would be the most sensible thing for any responsible government to do.

Mr De Domenico: It has water in it, even.

Mr Berry: Construction costs have not fallen that much, have they, Tony?

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