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If we were to support this motion, we would be setting up a situation where we would need more and more bureaucrats in order to meet the requirements of the process. That may well be appropriate in some people's minds. In my mind, one of the reasons that there was a change of government was that people wanted to see a more efficient system; but that is not to deny that the Chief Minister did talk about a much more consultative approach by her government. How she structures that consultative approach is something that I want to watch. If it is done entirely unsatisfactorily, Ms McRae may well be able to come to me with this motion and say, “You did not support it last time, but look what they have done. It is bloody hopeless. Will you be prepared to support it this time round?”. At this point, Mr Speaker, I am not prepared to support such a restrictive motion.

Debate (on motion by Ms Tucker) adjourned.

Sitting suspended from 12.28 to 2.30 pm


Employment Predictions

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, my question is directed to Mr De Domenico as Minister for Business, Employment and Tourism. The Canberra tourism strategy which you recently released predicts that there will be 20,000 new jobs created over the next eight years. Your ministerial colleague Mr Stefaniak said, as reported in the Canberra Chronicle of 27 April, that it would be 40,000 jobs. Which figure is correct? Do you accept the prediction in the tourism strategy?

MR DE DOMENICO: I thank Mr Wood for his question. I believe that my figure is correct, but I hope that Mr Stefaniak's is.

Shell Service Stations - Wanniassa and Charnwood

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, my question is directed to Mr Humphries, the Minister for Consumer Affairs. I indicated that I would be asking a question along these lines. The Shell service stations at Wanniassa and Charnwood have been notified that as from 17 May 1995 and 26 May 1995, respectively, their leases will be terminated by the Shell Co. of Australia Ltd. Both of these dealers are experienced and successful small business operators in the ACT. The Shell Co. of Australia Ltd is intending to create a monopoly of Shell-owned petrol sites in the ACT. The Minister, I am sure, is aware that these moves will impact very negatively on both consumers and owners of petrol sites. What action is the Minister taking to address the immediate problems of those takeovers in Wanniassa and Charnwood and the problem of limiting ownership by oil companies in a particular jurisdiction?

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