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Mr Berry: That was the 27th, Bill?

MR STEFANIAK: It was, indeed, Mr Berry. I table that letter, Mr Speaker. I think Mr Berry’s motion is a nonsense. There was really nothing more that Mr Humphries could or should have done in the circumstances. It is quite obvious that he is taking all reasonable steps to protect the citizens of the ACT in relation to this. Indeed, he deserves to be commended for that, rather than criticised in this stupid motion by Mr Berry.

MR MOORE (11.21): Mr Speaker, when I read the motion and the amendment moved by Ms Horodny, I think that the Assembly has to be careful not to reject out of hand the intention behind those two motions. Mr Berry is seeking to make a bit of political mileage out of the impact of the smoke. After listening to Mr Humphries's speech, I think many of the issues raised by Mr Berry were answered. So, then we move to the more sensible approach by Ms Horodny. I have spoken to Mr Humphries since this amendment was moved, and I would suggest that all we really need from Mr Humphries is an assurance that he will begin to do those things, so that he responds in spirit to what Ms Horodny is trying to achieve. While we are still in the first 100 days of this Government, Mr Speaker, I would be prepared to accept that assurance from Mr Humphries and knock off both the motion and the amendment, provided that I get that assurance. I have discussed this matter also with my Independent colleague, Mr Osborne. As you know, Mr Speaker, he and I share so much, issue by issue. We have much in common - looks, for example. Having shared this, we have actually found something upon which we can agree. Having found on this occasion something on which we agree, we think it is better if we just knock this off.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Moore, I do not know whether there is anything in the standing orders that covers what you just said.

MR DE DOMENICO (Minister for Urban Services) (11.23): Mr Speaker, I rise very briefly to support the views expressed by Mr Moore, Mr Humphries and Ms Horodny. To use Mr Moore's words, we should “knock this motion off” because it is a very silly motion. Let us look at what it says:

... the failure of the Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning, Mr Humphries, to establish a coordination arrangement with the relevant NSW authorities ... despite his promise to do so on 31 March 1995.

As we have seen, he has done it. It took him 12 or 15 days, mind you; but he has done it. Mr Berry, you should have copies of the minutes of the meeting that occurred on 19 April. It has taken him 19 days. We know that that is 3½ years less than the former Labor Government had in which to do it. We are sorry that it has taken us only 19 days to do it, but the fact of the matter is that the facts are before you - he did it; it is done and finished. Had Mr Berry rung Mr Humphries and said, “Hey, is it true that you have not done anything?”, I am sure that Mr Humphries, in his usual kind way, would have said to Mr Berry, “No; I have done it all, Wayne. Here is a copy of the minutes. Here is a copy

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