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flew over and almost broke our eardrums. These matters are dealt with by the Federal Airports Corporation and the Civil Aviation Authority. As indicated by the Chief Minister, and referred to by Mr Moore, I understand that it may be possible to reduce noise impacts by changing the departure routes of planes. The Government is therefore writing to the Federal Minister for Transport asking that this matter be given urgent attention in order to minimise the impacts of aircraft noise on Canberra residents. I would be very happy to report to the Assembly on the progress with those negotiations with the Commonwealth.


MS FOLLETT (Leader of the Opposition): Mr Speaker, I seek your leave to make a brief statement under standing order 46.

MR SPEAKER: Leave is granted.

MS FOLLETT: In the course of question time, Mr Humphries made a statement that when in government I had made a commitment to the Commonwealth to pay them $13m for the development of the Gallery of Aboriginal Australia on Acton. That is quite incorrect. My agreement was to fund the infrastructure for the National Museum of Australia on the Yarramundi site. The amount for that infrastructure was costed at roughly $13m on the Yarramundi site. I entered into no agreement in regard to Acton, and it is my view, and it is obviously the current Government's view, that the infrastructure on Acton will be ever so much cheaper because most of the services are already there. I think the important difference is that, whilst I had given my word on that $13m on the Yarramundi site, I had certainly not handed it over; nor would I, until I had some evidence that the Commonwealth was proceeding.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you for the explanation.

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, I seek to make a statement under standing order 46.

MR SPEAKER: Leave is granted.

MR WOOD: There was a question about the weather station in Tuggeranong. It was correct, as the answer said, that it was developed on an initiative of mine as part of a very comprehensive strategy to look at pollution in Tuggeranong. Mr Berry's concerns about the clearing of trees on the site - - -

Mr Humphries: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I think standing order 46 relates to a personal explanation as to what one has said.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, it does. Mr Wood, you are now debating the question and I cannot allow that. You are entitled to make a personal explanation on the matter.

MR WOOD: I will follow up on my personal explanation, if I may, Mr Speaker. Mr Berry's concerns about the clearing of the trees on the site are entirely consistent with mine, now and then.

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