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it is what we really need; it brings us a socially just society. Codswallop! Let us not kid ourselves. This is ideology running wild. You have fixed yourself on this corporate model as a remedy to problems that you see out there in the community. Well, it is rubbish. You know that it is the first step to privatisation. You know that it is the first step to sale, and that is why you do it. That is why you have been taking advice from your mate in Victoria. You had all his senior advisers up to tell you what to do. Next time they are up here, just be careful. Keep the minders watching them all the time.

Mr De Domenico: And frisk them at the border.

MR BERRY: Frisk them at the border to stop them taking the family silver out, because that is what they were here for. The Premier of Victoria, Kennett, has made no secret of it. He has said that he will grab jobs and businesses from anywhere, and you mob will help him; there is no question about that, in my book.

That historical issue has to be raised again and again to remind our new members in the Assembly about who caused some of the major problems with our health system. Mr Kaine was the Chief Minister of the day. It was a bit difficult to keep the choke chain tight on Mr Humphries, and he got away with the attack on the school system. What happened to our health system? He made the decision to close Royal Canberra Hospital, and then appointed Mrs Carnell to the board so that she could help him.

Mrs Carnell: Who did it? Who closed it?

Mr Moore: You could have undone that decision, and you know it.

Mr Hird: Who closed it? Wayne Berry.

MR SPEAKER: Order! One at a time, please.

MR BERRY: Who closed down the obstetric ward at the hospital? Gary Humphries. That was the end of the hospital. Who committed us to $40m worth of construction over at Woden Valley Hospital? Gary Humphries. Who helped him on the Board of Health? Kate Carnell. They were all in it together, the whole lot of them - Trevor, Gary and Kate, all working together.

Mr Moore: You cannot wash your hands of that, Wayne Berry.

MR BERRY: Michael Moore stands to protect the Liberals. I like to see that.

Mr Moore: Wayne “Pontius Pilate” Berry.

MR BERRY: And Mr Moore interjects. He could have stopped all this last week and he backed away from it.

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