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So, I went to the legislation program for the autumn sittings to see which laws they are going to remove. I grant that we have one tabled this morning - the Infants' Custody and Settlements (Repeal) Bill. So, step one has been taken by Mr Humphries. Congratulations! But if I go through the legislation program - first priority, second priority, third priority - I cannot find a single piece of legislation that the Government wants to remove. So, whilst it sounds good and we hear people talking a lot and saying that they are going to remove legislation, we would like to see some action.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Your time has expired, Mr Moore.

MR DE DOMENICO (Minister for Urban Services) (11.34): Mr Speaker, I am delighted to support Mrs Carnell's program, because I think it contains some very valuable things and it displays commonsense, fairness, reasonableness and responsibility. From what I heard especially from Ms Horodny, Mr Moore, Mr Kaine and Mr Hird, their responses to the Chief Minister's speech also sounded very fair, commonsense, reasonable and responsible. It is a pity that I cannot say that about some of the things said by members opposite. I will start with Mr Moore's comments. Sometimes we might not all agree with Mr Moore, but he usually comes up with some very interesting things to say. I agree with Mr Moore that, when you look through the notice paper, you do not see many of the repeal Bills that the Chief Minister talked about - - -

Mr Moore: I said that I did not see any - not “many”.

MR DE DOMENICO: Well, any. I do not want to pre-empt what people might say in the debate on the next item on the agenda; but there is a task force, which the Government announced just last week, that is going to be looking into that very area. It will be making recommendations to the Government by the end of September this year. Hopefully, Mr Moore, you will find that there will be substantially more of those things on the notice paper following the recommendations of that task force.

I agree also with Mr Moore's comments on consultation. I think that the way this Government will operate will be that it will take advice from the community and from members of this Assembly and it will make a decision, knowing that, no matter what decision any governments make, they are never going to be able to please everybody. One thing that I noticed in the last period of the Follett Labor Government was that any attempt to so do backfired very strongly. Governments are elected to make decisions. This Government will make those decisions, and it will bring the majority of members of this Assembly and the community with it when it does make those decisions.

Mr Moore talked about council-style government. I, for one, do not envisage being called “the Right Honourable” or “the Honourable” or anything else; but, like Mr Moore, I do not really care what people call me, as long as it is not late for breakfast, perhaps. Mr Moore also talked about areas of planning. I think Mr Humphries adequately talked about that. I agree with what Mr Moore said about the important area of urban management. I think it is about time that we started to really look at our roads, our stormwater drains and some of our infrastructure, because they are a very valuable

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