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We have had it since 18 February 1995. Instead of Labor Party members sitting over there carping, whingeing and criticising, I submit that they should be looking at the things that the Chief Minister has said she intends to do and trying to find some things that they can support. I have not heard one word of support from them. Their entire attack on this program has been based, as it always is, on Labor Party ideology. If it does not fit Labor ideology, it is bad. That seems to be the only view that the Labor Party can take.

During my term as Chief Minister and during my term as Leader of the Opposition, I frequently commented on things that the Labor Party was doing which I agreed were good for the Territory; but I have never heard a member of the present Opposition say that anything that the Alliance Government did, anything that the current Chief Minister did in opposition or anything that she now proposes to do in government has any merit in it - not once. What is wrong with these people? After 4½ years of ineffective government that left the Territory in the same hole as it was in financially in 1989, with a health system that is in chaos, with an education system that is not the best although it costs the most of any system in Australia, with a high-cost, high-taxing government, they cannot see anything wrong. We now have a government and a Chief Minister that intend to change that, to carry on with much of what was started in 1990-91. She has some ideas of her own which will supplement and complement what we started to do in those years. I would like to see the Opposition acknowledge that there is some merit in at least some of those things. They should have a good look and see whether they cannot find something in there that they can support, instead of knocking and whingeing and complaining all the time.

MR WOOD (10.51): Mr Speaker, Mr Kaine has asked us to look at the legislation program for the autumn sitting in 1995 to see whether there is something that we can support. I have looked at those matters that pertain most particularly to my interest, and I think I will support all of them, because they were all well under way when I was Minister. We had an interesting state of affairs here for a while. We had to defer the sitting of the first Carnell Government so that they could get their affairs in order and take the full run of things. All those matters in here that I know about were naturally emerging as a result of the previous administration; so I will be quite happy to support them. I will have a more careful look later, but I do not see any problem with them. The problem is that Mr Kaine was talking about a visionary government. Yet, despite the considerable delay in the sitting of this Assembly, I do not think there is much that is new or particularly important in this legislative list that we have been given. It is simply not there. The Liberals want it two ways. They want time to get organised, but I do not see evidence of it.

MR HUMPHRIES (Attorney-General) (10.52): Mr Speaker, I must say that it was quite disturbing to see the very large amount of negativism in the response by the Leader of the Opposition to this - - -

Mr Berry: She comprehensively did you over; that is why.

MR HUMPHRIES: I do not know whom those opposite think they are fooling. Let me quote a few choice phrases used by the Opposition Leader in her response to this - - -

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