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covered by the Family Law Act - primarily ex-nuptial children. In 1988 the operation of the Family Law Act was extended, by virtue of the Family Law Amendment Act 1987, to cover not only children of a marriage but also ex-nuptial children, children from blended families, foster children, children from previous marriages and children born with the assistance of artificial conception procedures.

Today the law relating to custody, guardianship and access to children can be said to be governed by the Family Law Act 1975. The Infants' Custody and Settlements Act 1956 is therefore redundant. The repeal of this Act will simplify and clarify the position of the law. There is no justification for having unused and superseded laws on our statute books. Any orders made under the Infants' Custody and Settlements Act that remain in force will remain effectual and can be given status under the Family Law Act by a simple registration process. By repealing this and other unnecessary and unused legislation we will be making progress towards a simplified and more accessible legal system and meeting the contemporary needs of the ACT community. Mr Speaker, I commend this Bill to the Assembly and present the explanatory memorandum.

Debate (on motion by Mr Connolly) adjourned.


Ministerial Statement and Papers

Debate resumed from 4 May 1995, on motion by Mrs Carnell:

That the Assembly takes note of the papers.

MS HORODNY (10.34): Mr Speaker, the Greens are pleased that the Government intends to provide a three-year budget strategy. We hope that it will provide the basis for a more focused and educated debate in the community about how we wish to reach the goals we cannot get to under a one-year program. Government does need to think beyond three years in planning for the ACT, particularly where benefits will be reaped from programs or initiatives over a longer timeframe. Initiatives in energy efficiency and public transport are examples of this. Mr Speaker, the legislative program which the Government has presented promises that we are certain to have a vigorous debate in the Assembly over the coming months. I can assure you that the Greens look forward to being part of that debate.

Mr Speaker, the Greens hope that the Liberals' commitment to small business during the election campaign translates into real action. We hope that the very successful small business incubators currently operating in Kingston and Downer will be extended to Tuggeranong and Belconnen. Kippax, for example, could be the site for a small business incubator, which would do much for revitalising the Kippax shopping centre. The Greens support removing unnecessary red tape and administrative burdens on business. However, regulation is not necessarily a bad thing for business.

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