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Mr Humphries: Could I ask you first, Mr Speaker, to clarify the membership of the Legal Affairs Committee that you just announced?

MR SPEAKER: Yes. These were the people appointed. Legal Affairs, Mr Connolly and Mr Kaine.

Ms McRae: What about Mr Osborne? It is the same for the Scrutiny of Bills. It is wrong.

Mr Connolly: Mr Osborne has the shortest career in history. He has just given his inaugural speech and now he has been knocked off.

MR SPEAKER: You must realise that the chairmen were already provided for. This is simply the committee membership. The committee chair in each case, you will note, has not been mentioned by me.

Ms McRae: That is not right. Ms Tucker was mentioned for the Social Policy Committee.

Ms Follett: So was I.

Mr Moore: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Perhaps I could clarify it. As I recall, Mr Speaker, Independent members were named in the original motion, and I believe that the other groups had to nominate. I think that is the distinction between what we have done now and what was in the motion.

MR SPEAKER: Rather than the chairmen, Mr Moore. I take your point. Thank you.

Ms Follett: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Would you circulate to us a complete list of committee membership, including the chairs, because, with all respect, the explanation that you have given seems to me not quite to fit the circumstances as I recall them.

MR SPEAKER: Certainly; no problem.

Mr Humphries: It is on the notice paper, is it not? Is it on the notice paper?

Ms McRae: Not the statement, nor the original thing, and the two do not tally.

MR SPEAKER: Order! I have stated that I am happy to circulate the paper.

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