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I understand that they are going through very difficult times. To face the reality of opposition and of not having the numbers is, indeed, difficult on any given issue. I have had to face that on many occasions. In fact, I have stood here and lost issues, on a single vote - my own vote. They would rarely have to face that.

The reality is that there is Labor representation, there is Liberal representation and there is either an Independent or a Green on all of the committees other than the Standing Committee on Planning and Environment, in which case there is an Independent and a Green as well as Labor and Liberal. So, nobody has been cut out. On the contrary, that nonsense, that deception, that we have been fed by Labor is simply not true. Mr Speaker, what we have here is a very fair proposal, with a ridiculous amendment by Mr Berry, which does not deserve the time of day, that would ensure that we do not have any committees at all. I do not think that is actually what Mr Berry intended, but that would be the result of it.

Mr Berry drew my attention to the fact that the Standing Committee on Planning and Environment having four members may not be consistent with standing orders, although I think it is. To my surprise, he also drew my attention to the fact that he did not want to put down the names of the individuals on the committee. So, we could not actually use the names. Although the Greens were ready, they said that that suited them because it gave them extra time. Therefore, at Mr Berry's wish, the motion was constructed in this way. The advice that I was given was that, to ensure that this motion would be able to be carried by the Assembly, it would need to have paragraph (10) added to it. Otherwise, if you look at paragraphs (8) and (9), it may well be that there are inconsistencies with the standing orders there and we may wind up with absolutely no committees whatsoever. Labor people have stood up, one at a time, and have said how important the committees are. Let us get representation on every committee from Labor and from the Liberals, and let us get to work.

Question put:

That the amendment (Mr Berry’s) be agreed to.

The Assembly voted -



Mr Berry

Mrs Carnell

Mr Connolly

Mr Cornwell

Ms Follett

Mr De Domenico

Ms Horodny

Mr Hird

Ms McRae

Mr Humphries

Ms Tucker

Mr Kaine

Mr Whitecross

Mr Moore

Mr Wood

Mr Osborne

Mr Stefaniak

Question so resolved in the negative.

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