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MR SPEAKER: No. Ms Horodny's amendment is adding other factors to Mr Berry's motion. I do not see that there is anything wrong with Mr Humphries addressing the fact - - -

Ms Follett: VITAB?

MR SPEAKER: Just a moment. If we are going to be that strict in interpretation, some people in this room are never going to say a word. I do stress that this is an addition to Mr Berry's motion. Mr Berry has spoken about the fact that the Chief Minister cannot be trusted in matters relating to what is in his motion. One assumes that he would feel the same way about the additional words that Ms Horodny has mentioned. Presumably, he assumes that the Chief Minister cannot be trusted even on environmental factors or contamination matters. I think that that was what Mr Humphries was addressing in a broad sense in addressing Ms Horodny's amendment. I suggest that we get on with business. I would remind members of standing order 202A. Please proceed, Mr Humphries.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I do not wish to take any more time. Clearly, our position is genuine. Mr Berry did not address Ms Horodny's amendment once during his remarks. Obviously, he thinks that I should. However, I put that to one side. The fact of the matter is that we are facing a decision as to whether we are prepared to allow undertakings given in this house to count for anything. I think that, until such time as members of this place who are in the ministry can demonstrate that they cannot be trusted on those undertakings, we should assume that they can.

Mr Berry: We have not been given any undertaking.

MR HUMPHRIES: We have, today.

MS HORODNY: Mr Speaker - - -

MR SPEAKER: Do you wish to seek leave to speak again to your amendment?


Leave granted.

MS HORODNY: Clearly, I did not address my amendment as comprehensively as I should have. I am very pleased to hear Mrs Carnell's commitment that no tenders will be let, that no buildings will be demolished and that no contracts will be signed. The further point that I was making in relation to Mr Berry's motion was that we have not had an undertaking from Mrs Carnell that commitments with the Commonwealth will not be finalised before the committee hands down its report. I would like that to be clarified.

The amendment seeks to put in place the fact that money should be spent on assessing the site. The motion did not allow for taxpayers' money to be spent on assessing the site. That was the point that I was trying to make. Assessing the site is obviously a very important point. It is something that we want to make very clear, because we do not believe, despite what Mrs Carnell says, that it is adequate to set in place an international

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