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MR BERRY (4.15): The amendment proposed by Ms Horodny makes sense, but it does not make a lot of sense if the motion is not passed. I think a few points have been missed here. A lot of promises have been jettisoned in this very short period of the Liberal Government. I think it is very important that that issue is emphasised and that members of this Assembly pay regard to those ditched promises and the need to make decisions in this Assembly.

Mr Humphries: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. I think that Mr Berry is entitled to speak to the amendment moved by Ms Horodny but not again to the motion.

MR BERRY: It is part of the motion.

MR SPEAKER: It is not yet part of the motion. The Assembly is discussing Ms Horodny's amendment. It has not yet become part of the motion, unless you have indicated that it is.

MR BERRY: In due course it will be, if it passes.

MR SPEAKER: If it is passed.

Mr Humphries: Discuss the amendment, not the motion.

MR SPEAKER: We are discussing Ms Horodny's amendment. I must uphold Mr Humphries’s point of order.

MR BERRY: Speaking to the point of order, this is an outrage from Mr Humphries; but we can expect it from him. This is the man who said, when he first went into opposition, “I can now be honest; I am in opposition”. He obviously has returned to his old stage.

The issue is this issue of negotiations, and whether or not negotiations will come to conclusions with the Commonwealth. We know that there are officers meeting with Commonwealth officers. It is very important that we ensure that that process does not proceed to finality until the Planning and Environment Committee meets. Mr Moore says that he is confident that Mrs Carnell will stick to her word. I have not really heard her give her word, clearly, on many things here today. He might have had the benefit of something behind the scenes, but I - - -

Mr Kaine: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Are we debating Ms Horodny's amendment?

MR SPEAKER: We are indeed.

Mr Kaine: I am not certain of the relevance of what Mr Berry is saying at the moment to that amendment.

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