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The motion also says that no agreements or contracts should be signed, no tenders should be let and no further taxpayers' money should be spent on Acton Peninsula or Kingston foreshore development plans. Mrs Carnell has said that nothing will be demolished until the committee hands down its report, but a lot can be demolished behind the scenes.

Mr Humphries: Like what?

MR BERRY: A lot can be demolished behind the scenes, as Mr Humphries would bear witness to. We all remember how Mr Humphries operated in the health sphere.

Ms Follett: Remember the Royal Canberra Hospital?

Mr Humphries: You closed it, by the way, not me.

MR BERRY: I hear Mr Humphries interjecting. While he is interjecting, I might as well give him a little serve. Mr Humphries, of course, has no love for the buildings on the Acton Peninsula site. In fact, he was the one who worked to close down the hospital on that site. He was the one who made the decision and went on with it. And guess who was on the Health Board at the time helping him? Mrs Carnell, his appointee. Both of them have no love for the buildings on that site or for that site in particular. They do not recognise the cultural significance of that site, and they have blundered on in their efforts to demolish all of those buildings without the benefit of the elected representatives’ input into the process in this place. Mrs Carnell has admitted day after day here, in her own words, that she has not consulted. It has not been to Cabinet.

Mrs Carnell: It has.

MR BERRY: Then table the Cabinet decision.

Mrs Carnell: You know better than that.

MR BERRY: You can just table it. Why did you not announce the Cabinet decision? That is something that is quite frequently done. You did not do so because there was no Cabinet decision. Consulting with your Ministers after the event is not a Cabinet process.

Mr Connolly: “Is that all right with you, Gary?”.

MR BERRY: “Do you want to keep your ministry, son? Is this all right with you?”. This is a process where proper consultation has not occurred. This motion also seeks to make clear to the Government that there is a statement from this Assembly that it wants the matter properly examined by elected members in order that there can be a full report which has been developed out in the open, and which is placed on the table out in the open, about these two very important sites. When you have a look at the Government's actions in relation to this matter, you see that the Government has been secretive.

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