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MR SPEAKER: You may wish to add something for the Chief Minister to take on notice.

MR BERRY: Was the price increase applied to all buses leaving the Bruce Stadium, or was this just a case of discriminating against Bill Stefaniak’s and my constituents in Belconnen and Gungahlin?

MR SPEAKER: Chief Minister, add that matter to what you have taken on notice.

MRS CARNELL: Thank you.

Group Apprenticeship Scheme

MR HIRD: I address my question to the Minister for Education and Training.

Mr Wood: I raise a point of order. This Assembly is run on conventions as well as on standing orders and rules, and the convention in this Assembly has been that members get but one question on any day. I have not, in all my six years, known any deviation from that. I would ask members - - -

MR SPEAKER: Order! This is a point of order, Mr Wood. I would refer you to standing order 113A.

Ms McRae: He knows the standing order.

MR SPEAKER: I am in the chair now, Ms McRae. Let me quote standing order 113A. It says:

Questions without notice shall not be concluded until non-Executive Members rising have asked at least one question.

I repeat - at least one question. I have been happy to follow the convention that you refer to, and I shall continue to do so. I will ensure equal participation between and across parties. However, the length of question time, notwithstanding standing order 113A, is dependent upon the Chief Minister. Having exhausted the opportunities for each member of the back bench or non-executive members to ask at least one question, if the Chief Minister wishes to rise and ask for further questions to be placed on the notice paper, that is what will occur.

MR HIRD: Thank you, Mr Speaker. Before I was rudely interrupted, I was addressing a question to the Minister for Education and Training. Can you, Minister, inform the parliament of the result of the Australian Federal Police investigation into allegations of misappropriation in the Australian Capital Territory Master Builders Association's group apprenticeship scheme?

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