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As I said yesterday, and I am just hoping that I cover all the parts of this question, the government-funded entities on Acton that are renting premises there or are occupying premises there will be helped to relocate. We will undertake, as I said yesterday, to ensure that those organisations are put at no disadvantage as a result of the Government’s decision to give the Acton Peninsula land to the Commonwealth in return for the very large and very exciting site on the Kingston foreshore.

Mr Berry: What about the non-government ones?

MRS CARNELL: The government-funded entities.

MS FOLLETT: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. I specifically asked Mrs Carnell about the non-government organisations located on Acton, which she has not yet addressed. I am sure that she wishes to do so. I would also ask about the child-care centre. Mrs Carnell has said that there is a possibility of relocation to another facility. Will that facility be, like the Acton facility, a government-owned and community-operated facility?

MRS CARNELL: At this stage what I am doing is guaranteeing to the parents of the children who are using that facility that they will have child care of the same quality in a position that is accessible and available to them. I am sure, as a parent who has used child care, that the issue for them is price, accessibility and quality, and I guarantee those three things.

Drug Usage

MR HIRD: I direct a question to the Chief Minister in her capacity as Minister for Health and Community Care. What response has the Minister given to the recent invitation from the Mayor of Goulburn to attend a public meeting to discuss drug usage by young people?

MRS CARNELL: Councillor Margaret O'Neill, the Mayor of Goulburn, invited me to attend a public meeting to discuss the growing use of drugs by young people in Goulburn. I note from the weekend papers that there may be some of that purer form of heroin in Goulburn causing similar problems there to those it has caused in the ACT. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this meeting at short notice, but I have asked a senior officer from the Department of Health and Community Care to attend on my behalf.

I believe that our key message to young people and to the community in general is, “Do not use illicit drugs, do not use tobacco, and use alcohol responsibly”. However, when a few people, despite these messages, choose to use heroin, we also must be successful at getting out a message that says, “Make sure that you take care when using this drug, and call an ambulance when overdoses occur”. We really have a problem at the moment in that, sometimes, when young people have been dabbling in areas like heroin and one of their mates has a problem, because it is illegal, they are not calling the ambulance. We must get out the message: When there is a problem, call an ambulance.

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