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MR BERRY (12.06): Mr Speaker, earlier in the debate I promised that I would provide a letter, which I mentioned. I would like to live up to that promise, unlike the Liberals who promise council-style government and are not delivering it - - -


MR BERRY: I seek leave to table a letter of 13 April 1995 which, in its last sentence, says:

In this context, I attach for your information a copy of the sitting pattern which I will seek to have formally adopted by the Legislative Assembly on its recall.

This is a letter to the Leader of the Opposition. It was signed by Mrs Carnell. The sitting pattern included - you guessed it - Tuesdays from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

Ms Follett: What a fraud!

MR BERRY: What a fraud! Another promise broken!

Leave granted.

Mr Humphries: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. Apart from the fact that, despite a stony stare when I interjected on Ms Follett, she and Mr Berry interjected continuously during Mrs Carnell's speech, Mr Berry just made reference to Mrs Carnell as a fraud. I think that kind of language is not acceptable, and I ask that he withdraw.

MR SPEAKER: I would ask you to withdraw.

Mr Berry: I will withdraw any reference to fraudulent behaviour.

Ms Follett: I do, too.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you.

MR MOORE (12.08): Mr Speaker, I would like to address some of the arguments put forward. I must say that Ms McRae was very persuasive in her suggestions for how to improve the relationship between the Assembly and the general public. I think that the idea she put forward ought not to be considered lightly. I would strongly urge you to consider the new approach she suggested that you, as Speaker, might take. Ms McRae applied her suggestions specifically to Tuesday night. I do not see any need to restrict it. I think that basically the suggestions she made are suggestions that we should all take notice of whenever the Assembly is sitting. I think that they need to be taken particularly seriously. Those sentiments were echoed by Ms Tucker.

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