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Mrs Carnell has just come into the place. That goes to show how much interest she has in council-style government. She has just swanned into the place. I do not mind if Gary Humphries has a go at me, and I do not mind if Mrs Carnell has a go at me; but, if they have a go at my family, I get a bit dirty. Mr Speaker, Mrs Carnell has wandered in. I think that demonstrates the interest that she has in this issue. She promised the community council-style government. She even wrote to the Opposition saying that she was going to support Tuesday night sittings. She wrote to us and said that she would support them. Do not deny that. Then, of course, the boys changed her mind, because they want to go home at night. They do not want to stay for these late night sittings.

Mrs Carnell: That is - - -

MR BERRY: You did write and say that you supported it, and then you changed your mind.

Mrs Carnell: When?

MR BERRY: It was on 13 April, if my memory serves me correctly; but I will get you a copy of the letter. Then maybe you can apologise for misleading people too. We were written to and told that there was support from the Government. “I will support that order of sitting”, she said in her letter. She said, “I will support that sitting pattern”.

Mrs Carnell: The sitting pattern.

MR BERRY: She supported the sitting pattern, which included Tuesday nights.

Mrs Carnell: That is a bit of a longbow.

MR BERRY: You have been caught out again, Mrs Carnell. You have misled the community in your promise on council-style government. What you are saying, of course, is that you are now no longer committed to it. Everybody knows that you were not committed to all of your election promises. They were more about image than about substance. This is just another one of them, for which you are being exposed. There was a very clear promise to the community that we were going to have council-style government. There is not a community member out there who thinks that council-style government is a style of government without night sittings. There are no people out there who would want to see this element of access to this community taken away. To use that stupid argument that it costs too much just shows the lengths to which the Liberals will go to dump it.

MR SPEAKER: Order! The member's time has expired.

MS TUCKER (11.49): I have already outlined our alternative proposals to both of the suggestions, so I will not repeat them. Roberta McRae was talking about encouraging the community to come into this place, and it just seemed to be responded to with the argument: Why did you not do it? I think it is a very interesting proposal and I would like to see everybody in this place consider it. I think that inviting people here at night just to watch has been seen as something different from participation; but I think what needs to be understood is that coming here at all is a step for some people.

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