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There is a major difference between the tolerance that has been shown in this Assembly by members who do not share your view of the prayer and those who have continued to follow what you call “this tradition”.

Mr Speaker, I think a very sensible suggestion has been made by the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure, a suggestion that recognises the range of spirituality. I must compliment Ms Tucker, who basically put this concept whereby we could easily recognise the range of spirituality within our community. With that recognition of the range of spirituality that we have in our community, the Assembly could provide a lead in terms of tolerance and understanding. If the message we put out is that we want our society to be more tolerant, then it is a message that I think is well worth putting out.

On the other matters concerning the new standing orders, let me say that they are very sensible. They have been well tried, and the sooner we have them as part of our standing orders the better.

Question resolved in the affirmative.


MR MOORE (11.18): I seek leave to move a motion regarding the adoption of new standing orders.

Leave granted.

MR MOORE: I move:

(1) Standing order 16 relating to the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure be amended by:

(a) adding the words “Assembly Business” to the end of subparagraph (1)(c); and

(b) omitting paragraph (5).

(2) Standing order 27 be omitted and the following standing order substituted:

“Days and hour of meeting

Days and hour of meeting

27. Unless otherwise ordered, the Assembly shall meet for the despatch of business on each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10.30 am.”.

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