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The issue of making sure that the site is safe while demolition is going on is something that will be handled under normal occupational health and safety standards. Demolitions happen all the time; buildings next-door to other buildings are pulled down, and Acton Peninsula is no different. An issue has been raised with regard to the child-care centre. There were some concerns expressed by some of the people at the child-care centre that while demolition was going on there may be a problem. We will certainly ensure that that is not the case. If there is any indication whatsoever that any of the children or, for that matter, teachers could be subject to any problems, we will undertake to relocate them during that period. There is no indication that that is the case, by the way. Demolitions happen all over the world right next-door to other buildings and houses and so on, with proper facilities and proper safeguards in place. We will ensure that that happens.

MR WHITECROSS: I ask a supplementary question. In respect of those groups now housed in the former hospital building, will the Government guarantee to provide additional funding for their relocation and establishment costs, and any higher rent that they may have to pay?

MRS CARNELL: We will ensure that the groups that are currently government funded and that have accommodation on Acton Peninsula at this stage are not disadvantaged by the decision that the Government has taken in this circumstance. There are a number of associations, I think, including the Epilepsy Association and the Red Cross. There is quite a number that are currently government funded. Obviously, it would not be acceptable for them to be disadvantaged by the decision that we have taken.

Recycling of Glass and Plastic

MS HORODNY: I address my question without notice to the Minister for Urban Services, Mr De Domenico. Can the Minister tell the Assembly how much glass and plastic is currently being thrown away by both business and the public sector? Given the Government's stated commitment to waste management, what steps are being taken by the Government to ensure that all government departments and commercial and retail outlets have access to glass and PET recycling? When will these services be provided?

MR DE DOMENICO: Thank you, Ms Horodny, for your question. The answer to the first part is that I do not know, but I will find out and let you know. We will look at the way that government, especially, makes sure that we do get rid of glass and the other things that you have mentioned. I will get back to you as soon as I can with the answer to that question.

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