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There were significant concessions made by the Liberal Party and motor sport in terms of coming to an acceptable standard, whereby a trackside measurement, which is the simplest and most efficient measurement not only in terms of the running of motor sport but also in environmental terms, could be worked out. Unfortunately, the Labor Party did not come to the party there, nor did Mr Moore. I hope that in this Third Assembly all players will be a little more sensible. From the debate today, people seem to have realised that there is a very real problem here.

Mr Berry: We will not be going to the New South Wales standard.

MR STEFANIAK: We will see, Wayne. We will have a chat to you about that. We all agree that the system of exemptions is not the best system to operate under. That is clearly an unsatisfactory situation for everyone. All speakers have raised the point that moving motor sport to another site would be quite expensive. That is certainly so. The Government is looking at other sites, just as the previous Government did; but I would envisage that any of those sites would involve any government in a fair amount of expense.

I point out to members that in the last three years considerable work has been done at Fairbairn Park by motor sports. Six sports use that complex, four of which, I understand, can comply effectively with the current standards. If you go out there you will see a lot of earthworks, with measures being taken to assist with soundproofing the area. I think the motor sports are to be commended for the effort they have put into ensuring that the noise generated from that facility, which has been in Canberra for many years - I suspect, in some instances well before most, if not all, of the Ridgeway in New South Wales. Effectively, only two sports, the Formula 500 and the hill climb, need exemptions and would be likely to need exemptions even if we went to, say, a New South Wales standard.

MR SPEAKER: Order! It being 12.30 pm, the debate is interrupted in accordance with standing order 77, as amended by temporary order.

Sitting suspended from 12.30 to 2.30 pm


Acton-Kingston Land Swap

MS FOLLETT: My question is to the Chief Minister and it concerns the Acton-Kingston land swap. Mrs Carnell, why did you accept the Commonwealth Government's deadline on doing the deal on the Acton-Kingston land swap? To impose a deadline where none exists is the oldest trick in the negotiating book. In keeping with your constant assurances about consultation with the community, and with your colleagues, of course, why did you not inform the Commonwealth of your need to consult and take proper advice on the matter?

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