Page 2661 - Week 09 - Wednesday, 24 August 1994

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MR STEVENSON: Thank you very much. I agree. It is a point that one needs to hold in mind when talking about the Act that effectively bans circuses in Canberra. The word "effectively" is important. One should never say that circuses have been banned. That was the point I stood up to make, because it was said that no circuses had come to Canberra since that time. Mr Moore and others quite rightly made the point that, indeed, they had. Was one the Flying Fruit Fly Circus?

Mr Moore: Yes; and Circus Oz.

MR STEVENSON: Circus Oz and so on. Mr Stefaniak should have used a good dictionary. Mr Connolly uses the Macquarie Dictionary. In the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles the definition of "circus" clears up the matter extremely well. It says that a circus is "a large building, generally oblong or oval, surrounded with rising tiers of seats, for the exhibition of public spectacles". I can understand why some people are laughing. Obviously, without going any further, it has just described the Assembly. When I looked at it, I thought, "Can this have anything to do with animals?". It went on to mention races and the like. If the Bill had banned circuses, I would have voted for it. Having stood for abolishing self-government, if the Bill had exactly stood for banning this particular circus, then I - - -

Mr Moore: Do not worry, Dennis; it will never be tested.

MR STEVENSON: Mr Moore says that it will never be tested. I think that is unfortunate. Would it not be a wonderful thing if it were tested? Would it not be a wonderful thing if the High Court had the opportunity - - -

Mr Moore: You tried. It has been tested in the High Court already.

Mr Stefaniak: The High Court said that it is a valid exercise.

MR STEVENSON: That is not what the High Court said. They were not asked that question. It is an altogether different question.

Mr Moore: You asked the wrong question. That is the trouble, Dennis; you always ask the wrong questions.

MR STEVENSON: I did not ask it; the pornographers asked it. It is fairly obvious that they would not be all that inclined to ask the specific question that I might like asked.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Assembly adjourned at 6.03 pm

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