Page 295 - Week 02 - Tuesday, 1 March 1994

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   Tuesday, 1 March 1994


MADAM SPEAKER (Ms McRae) took the chair at 2.30 pm and read the prayer.


   ACTTAB - Contract with VITAB Ltd

MRS CARNELL: Madam Speaker, my question is to the Deputy Chief Minister in his capacity as Minister for Sport. Minister, given the situation where a punter has two bets for the same amount on the same horse with both VITAB and ACTTAB, can you give the Assembly an assurance that the dividend paid to that punter by VITAB would be identical on all occasions to the one paid by ACTTAB?

MR BERRY: What VITAB pay their punters is a matter for VITAB. As far as ACTTAB is concerned, the dividend is quite clearly set out, and that is, of course, a matter for ACTTAB. As far as Mrs Carnell's question is concerned, it is obviously aimed at the issue of inducements, and I have told this chamber, I do not know how many times, that the issue of inducements is a clear one; that is, that VITAB have given us a written undertaking that they will not offer inducements to Australians. They just will not offer inducements. Other TABs have an agreement that they will not offer inducements to their opponents' patrons. We are in competition with State TABs and there is an agreement that we do not offer inducements to other States. The agreement that stands with VITAB is one that I am comfortable with. If you want to come forward - - -

Mr Kaine: Whom is VITAB in competition with?

MR BERRY: Hang on a minute, Mr Kaine. You get your turn later.

Mr Kaine: I will; but whom is VITAB in competition with?

MR BERRY: No, no; you take your turn in this place. Just take your turn. If you want to put forward some evidence, I am happy to look at it; but do not just keep trying to kick up the dust. That is all you are trying to do. If you have evidence, lay it on the table and I will deal with it. Just put the evidence forward. What dividend VITAB pays is a matter for VITAB. The dividend that is paid by ACTTAB is their business. We have it on the record, and it is on the record in this place, that they will not offer inducements. If there is any evidence that they are, I want to know about it.

MRS CARNELL: I have a supplementary question. Minister, if you have no assurance from VITAB that they will not offer exactly the same dividends as ACTTAB, do you then - - -

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