Page 4171 - Week 13 - Thursday, 25 November 1993

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I think that is where the concern is, and we will be taking our proposal to them in due course. We did, over the last year, set out a process to try to come to the needs based component of the funding system and, in fact, that was not capable of clear resolution. So, as we move towards the long-term funding arrangement, we have this style of policy consultation.

Adelaide Avenue Roadworks

MS SZUTY: Madam Speaker, my question without notice is to the Minister for Urban Services, Mr Connolly. Surveyors have been conducting survey work along Adelaide Avenue today. Could the Minister inform the Assembly as to the nature of the surveys and whether there are any plans to carry out further works on Adelaide Avenue? If works are to be carried out, could the Minister also inform the Assembly as to their nature and what has prompted them?

MR CONNOLLY: Madam Speaker, I do expect my workers to punch the bundy clock in the morning but not necessarily to check into my office as to precisely where they all are. I will find out what they were doing. From time to time we do survey roads. There is a program, for which money has been appropriated, for a long-term exercise about repairing Adelaide Avenue. There are some areas of Adelaide Avenue where the road surface has been deteriorating. I assume that it was that sort of work. I will find out and let Ms Szuty know.

Ms Follett: Madam Speaker, I ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Australian Capital Auctioneers

MS FOLLETT: Madam Speaker, I would like to answer a question which I took on notice from Mrs Carnell. I regret to say that it appears to be somewhat out of time and I do apologise for that. It relates to the amount of money lost by the ACT Government in the collapse of Australian Capital Auctioneers. Madam Speaker, I will table the full response; but, in brief, the ACT Government's exposure amounts to $36,373 as a result of the voluntary liquidation of Sale-O Pty Ltd trading as Australian Capital Auctioneers. This amount is spread over a number of agencies. As a result of this, all agencies have examined their procedures and their controls to ensure that the Territory's assets and moneys are safeguarded. I would ask that the full response be incorporated in Hansard.

Leave granted.

Document incorporated at Appendix 8.


MS FOLLETT (Chief Minister and Treasurer): Madam Speaker, I draw your attention and the attention of members to the presence in the gallery of Mr Abe, who is the managing director of Japan Travel Bureau Oceania Pty Ltd. This is the world's largest travel organisation and brings over 165,000 visitors to Australia every year. I would like, in Mr Abe's presence, publicly to thank him for his hospitality to me and to our delegation while we were in Japan recently.

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