Page 4168 - Week 13 - Thursday, 25 November 1993

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Mr Humphries: What have you got to hide, Wayne?

MR BERRY: I have nothing to hide.

Mrs Carnell: Show it to us in confidence.


MR BERRY: I cannot show you anything in confidence, Mrs Carnell. It is like pouring water into a colander; it just goes straight through. As for the VICTAB one, I am prepared to take advice on that; but I can say to you that if it too is a document of a commercial nature I am not prepared to table it either.

Measurement Systems

MR STEVENSON: My question is to Mr Connolly as police Minister. I have seen reports in the media concerning the description of offenders which stated their height in metrics. I know that the police give heights in both systems. Could the Minister liaise with the media and make sure that the media use feet and inches as well as centimetres? Could the Minister indicate what 185 centimetres is in height? How high would such a person look?

MR CONNOLLY: I think, about your height, Mr Stevenson. I hope that that was not the description of a particular suspect seen fleeing the scene. Madam Speaker, it is a relevant point. The police use both imperial and metric systems when they are issuing public descriptions of suspects. I am advised that that is on the basis that elderly citizens may have difficulty in converting. It is not just elderly citizens, I think. Most of us still probably tend to think in feet and inches. I understand that it is about six feet.

Mr Stevenson: It is about your height, actually.

MR CONNOLLY: It is about my height, yes. It is a relevant point. I cannot tell the media what to do, much as I would like to. Perhaps I will try. With your indulgence, Madam Speaker: Media, it would be helpful if you did run the full police descriptions rather than just the metric conversion. It would help all members of the community.

Supply and Tender Agency

MR WESTENDE: My question is to the Minister for Urban Services. Could the Minister confirm or state otherwise whether the operative staff of the Supply and Tender Agency consists of one person? If it is correct that only one person is engaged in this work, will the Minister undertake to speed up the process of compiling the various registers and commence the calling of tenders through the agency? In any case, can the Minister indicate when the agency will be fully operative?

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