Page 4079 - Week 13 - Wednesday, 24 November 1993

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Electoral Legislation

MS SZUTY: My question without notice is to the Chief Minister, Ms Follett. The Assembly currently is waiting for the tabling of additional legislation with regard to the conduct of future elections in the ACT. When will the legislation be tabled, and to what extent will it be modelled on the Tasmanian Hare-Clark voting system?

MS FOLLETT: Madam Speaker, I do not believe that asking to what extent it will be modelled on the Tasmanian electoral legislation is in order.

Mr Humphries: Why not?

MS FOLLETT: Because it is purely hypothetical and it is asking me to - - -

MADAM SPEAKER: That is quite correct. The first part of the question is in order and the Chief Minister should confine her answer to that.

MS FOLLETT: It is also asking me to reveal in advance an item of Government business, which I am not obliged to do; so read your standing orders. Madam Speaker, members will know, of course, that the first part of that legislation has been introduced. That was the part that set up the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission has completed a very significant part of its work, which was to draw up the electoral boundaries establishing the three electorates for the ACT. That part of the work, an important part, has been done. The remainder of the electoral legislation is an extraordinarily complex task, as I am sure members are aware. It is progressing. I am told that it will be the largest Bill that this Assembly has ever seen. If what I am being told is that it is bigger than the planning legislation, then we are in for quite a treat. It is an exceptionally complex matter, Madam Speaker. I am still working on getting it into the Assembly this year. As members are aware, we have another couple of sitting weeks in this year, and that is my timetable. I am still working towards that.

Imported Chocolates

MR HUMPHRIES: My question is directed to the Minister for Health. On 15 December last year the Minister criticised the Leader of the Opposition, Mrs Carnell, for having imported products on the shelves of her pharmacy. He also claimed that he was committed to creating Australian jobs. The Minister will recall his visit to Woden Valley Hospital on Friday, 5 November, which was seen on television screens. During his two-hour visit he handed out chocolates to nurses and other staff members. I ask the Minister - - -

Mr Connolly: You are really onto the big issues here, Gary. The Government will resign.

MR HUMPHRIES: He cannot answer the big issues, so I am trying him on a small issue for once - something that he might be able to get his teeth into. Madam Speaker, I ask the Minister specifically: How much did the chocolates cost? Why did the Minister feel it necessary to distribute imported, French chocolates rather than Australian made chocolates?

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