Page 4042 - Week 13 - Wednesday, 24 November 1993

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She argued strongly for the 15-year period. However, I notice that since then the Chief Minister has acknowledged that she was wrong and has publicly stated that she will seek to amend the Bill to extend that period from the 15 years she had arbitrarily set. So even in the month since the Bill has been in place the Chief Minister has acknowledged that she was in error, and I think it is to her credit that she has done that.

I had drafted my amendments and submitted them at an earlier stage and was ready to proceed with my Bill immediately. I have since redrafted it, and I have tabled it today. I commend it to the Government for rather more serious consideration than was given to the amendments I proposed a month ago. I am sure that if the Government examines my amendments in the light of what the Law Society said in their letter to the Chief Minister of 19 October 1993 and what the business community is now saying, and I know that the Chief Minister has heard what the business community has said and has had some regard for it, the Government will agree that the amendments I am proposing are sensible and reasonable and equitable. I ask them to consider my amendments in that light. I seek leave to present an explanatory memorandum to the Bill.

Leave granted.

MR KAINE: I present the explanatory memorandum, Madam Speaker.

Debate (on motion by Ms Follett) adjourned.


MR LAMONT (10.36): I move:

That the Legislative Assembly urge the Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) to end their strike in public hospitals and accept arbitration as the means for resolving the current dispute.

Madam Speaker, it has been suggested that this was an inappropriate motion for a member of this Assembly to move as part of private members business. This motion could have been more fairly treated, it was suggested, had the sentiment of the motion been moved by a member of the Government - - -

Mr Berry: Who suggested that?

MR LAMONT: Mr Humphries suggested that.

Mr Berry: The doctors' lackey?

MR LAMONT: Yes. It was suggested that it would be more appropriate that this be moved other than as a matter of private members business. I move this motion and seek the support of the Assembly on the basis of my concern about the protracted nature of the strike by the visiting medical officers, there being seemingly no end in sight.

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