Page 3941 - Week 13 - Tuesday, 23 November 1993

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take a lot of these important classes, language for example, and see whether they cannot adjust their timetables and work more effectively with other schools, with neighbourhood schools. I think that is a way we have to go. Madam Speaker, I have given just a few examples of the sorts of things we can do. There is ample scope in our schools for imaginative thinking to adjust to these relatively modest budget changes.

MR MOORE: I ask a supplementary question, Madam Speaker. The Minister indicates that there are 300 classes of fewer than six and another 500 classes of fewer than 12. Can the Minister provide that information to the Assembly and tell us which classes these are?

MR WOOD: Madam Speaker, I will provide the departmental information on that in a form that is reasonable for Mr Moore to receive.

ACTTAB - Contract with VITAB Ltd

MR KAINE: I have a question for the Minister for Sport. Minister, in reply to earlier questions you have expressed the view that the Treasury is happy over the VITAB contract, and you are obviously happy. That is on the basis of a return to the Territory of between one and one-and-a-half per cent - that is $300,000 to $600,000 a year. I presume that the proprietors of this private offshore company that does not pay tax in Australia are also very happy. Can you tell us, under the contract, what percentage they make every year? How many thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year does that translate into?

MR BERRY: What they do as far as their own commercial interests are concerned is a matter for them.

Mr Kaine: What percentage do they get?

MR BERRY: That is a matter for them. We have reached an arrangement to provide the infrastructure and access to the pools - - -

Mrs Carnell: And access to our punters.

MR BERRY: Well, you take the percentage. Did you not know that? We also do it for the Northern Territory Government. If you want to put a bet on in the Northern Territory just get on your phone, get yourself a telephone account up there - - -

Mr De Domenico: On the same basis? On exactly the same basis?

MR BERRY: No. I said that if you want to put a bet on with the TAB in the Northern Territory you can ring the Northern Territory TAB and do it. If you want to put a bet on in Victoria you can do it. They are the sorts of arrangements that exist all over this country. People can ring Victoria and do all

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